A Successful Practice: It’s More Than Medical


Providing the best possible medical care to patients is what most podiatric physicians will tell you is their number one priority. But, what goes on outside the exam room can also play a big part in giving patients greater quality care and a higher sense of satisfaction with your practice. At the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we believe that information sharing is one of the best resources available to practitioners at every stage of their careers. Below are some of the top ways podiatrists have found to elevate the impression patients come away with from your practice. Some may seem quite small but the cumulative effect is huge!

  • Call new patients the evening of their first visit and simply ask if they have any additional questions. Be sure to tell them what a pleasure it was to meet them and have them in your office.
  • Have a comment box in your office.  This shows you value your patients’ experiences and input.  Put a sign on the front of the box that reads “We Care to Hear.”   Inexpensive and nice comment boxes can be ordered at http://www.displays2go.com.
  • Showcase your office Team by using digital photo frames.  Ask each Team member for five pictures of family and play them on the digital photo frame. This simple act creates a warmer, more personal feeling in your office.
  • Keep a bowl of regular and sugar-free candy at the front desk.
  • When new patients call, offer to e-mail all paperwork to complete and bring in for their visit.  Also give a link for directions to your office and assure them that the e-mail address will not be shared.  Doing this is one step better than telling them to get the paperwork on your office website.
  • Speaking of one step better, each time one of your office Team members does something above and beyond for a patient or the office reward them with five one-dollar scratch off lottery tickets.  A happy Team member helps create a positive and friendly office environment.
  • Maintain a standard of appearances in your office. All Team members should dress professionally, including you! A recent study showed that more than 50% of patients reported enhanced confidence in their physician if he or she wore a white coat instead of a scrub suit or casual clothing.
  • Maintain an ongoing connection with your patients between appointments. Send a welcome letter to all new patients as well as periodic updates to all patients such as flyers for non-profit group activities the office is involved with.  Birthday cards personally signed by you and your Team are also a good way to show your care.

Through meetings, videos, blogs and other platforms IPED strives to offer its members a wealth of information that is accessible when and how it best suits you, the practitioner. To learn more, contact us at: info@podiatricexcellence.org.