Creating a Winning Team in Your Office


Running a podiatric practice involves many moving parts: patient care, administrative functions, insurance, accounting, etc. But a truly successful office requires a competent, efficient and—ideally—an enthusiastic staff. Office management is something we at the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) hear practitioners at every stage of their career from brand new physicians to experienced veterans expressing concern about. A key part of the mission of IPED is good old-fashioned idea sharing among peers. Below are some of the most successful ways practitioners have found to create a champion team:

Start with a Cheer—begin each morning in the office with a one-minute meeting. During this time, offer a 60-second pep talk to your staff with an inspirational message or theme. Then take the time to go over the names of patients that will be seen that day and identify any special needs so your office staff is all on the same page before the first person walks into the office.

Involve Everyone in the Play—your staff will be more cohesive if they all know what’s going on, have input in office protocols and policies and feel that their feedback is solicited and valued. Regularly scheduled staff meetings are grounding and help cement a sense of team effort. When your team members perceive that they are working together, it brings about a sense of ownership and pride in the work they are doing.

Make Time for Team Bonding—create opportunities a few times a year for your team to get together outside the office at dinner, a barbecue or even a team building day doing an activity like a ropes course. These opportunities allow team members to deepen their relationships with each other as people, not just fellow employees. The care and empathy generated there will carry over into the atmosphere of your office.

At IPED we offer many different ways for podiatric professionals to access information that is beneficial to their practices and their personal lives. Recognizing the busy schedules of our members, we provide webinars, educational blogs, videos, articles, mentoring and meetings. To learn more about why you should become a member of IPED, contact us by calling:  978-296-7634.