IPED: What’s the Big Idea?

“With all that is required of me, how do I establish and succeed in practice while creating balance in my life?”

It all started with this simple question, so often asked unilaterally by podiatric practitioners from those brand new and just starting out to seasoned professionals who have been at it for years. This was the impetus behind the creation of The Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED).

Our Mission: To bridge the gap between podiatry students, resident physicians, seasoned professionals and ancillary staff by providing a structured forum of education, support, and mentorship relating to scientific and outcome–based patient care, compliance adherence, healthcare reform, and management skills essential to succeed in the changing world of practicing medicine.

How we Make it Happen: IPED is dedicated and designed to motivate and inspire its members and we are committed to matching the enthusiasm and desire to be successful with the experience and practicality of working on and in private practice. In addition, we are concerned with the overall wellbeing of physicians—how they balance their lives outside the office with work and how to live a fulfilling life. In all these goals IPED believes the community is essential. Our concept is simple: learn together and share with each other what we’ve learned and experienced to improve as individuals and also to elevate our field. To that end, we offer members a number of opportunities:

  • A website that provides educational resources and structured platforms that allows you to access information where you are and when it best fits into your schedule.
  • Utilizing the changing paradigm of information delivery, IPED makes full use of webinars, articles, videos and blogs to offer members a full range of opportunities to access, receive and exchange information with other podiatric professionals.
  • Mentoring
  • Physical meetings—because all podiatric professionals need to get out of their offices at least occasionally and network with fellow professionals.

Who we Serve: IPED is for everyone in the field of podiatry. Our model and offerings are valuable to the first year student of podiatric medicine, new practitioners, successful veterans and even those on the verge of retirement.

Find out More: Contact our Executive Director, Ruth Ann Donahue at: 978-296-7634. And, check out our upcoming meeting in Pittsburgh in September.