New Podiatric Practitioners: How Can IPED Help You?

If you’ve recently completed your podiatric education and training you may be experiencing a mixture of elation and anxiety. The Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) can help. While your course of study has probably prepared you well to diagnose and treat podiatric conditions, many schools do not adequately teach practice management skills. Your first decision will be whether you want to be on staff or strike out on your own. Other decisions you’ll be confronted with early on may include:

  • Choosing where you want to practice
  • Credentialing
  • Hiring staff
  •  Insurance models, coding and billing
  • Practice protocols and assessments
  • In-office dispensing
  • Marketing yourself and/or your practice
  • Applying for hospital privileges

The IPED Model

At IPED, we believe in old-fashioned sharing of knowledge and experience between practitioners at every stage of their career—from student to veteran practitioners—as the best way to help promote individual success and to elevate the profession as a whole. It’s our mission to connect you with other successful podiatric professionals, to help you organize, develop and implement successful practice management strategies as well as create balance between your professional and personal life. Some ways that we make this happen include providing:

  • A structured forum of education that utilizes technology to make information accessible and convenient, such as webinars, blogs, videos and articles
  • Support and mentorship through virtual opportunities as well as face to face meetings (check out our upcoming “Success Through Synergy” meeting October 5-8 in Pittsburgh, PA)
  • A clearinghouse of information on all aspects of podiatric practice, such as: patient care, compliance adherence, healthcare reform and management skills

Ready to learn more about all the ways IPED can help launch your career? Contact our Executive Director Ruth Ann Donahue at or by calling: 978-296-7634 to join. We look forward to connecting you to the many resources we have available and helping you get your podiatric practice off to the strongest start possible. Best of all, IPED will continue to provide you with what you need as your practice grows and you’ll be able to offer the benefit of your experience to those coming to seek treatment from you.