Why You Should Not Miss IPED’s Fall Meeting


The Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) is pleased to offer for our fall meeting: “Success Through Synergy II.” This impactful event is designed to grow your practice and provide immediate actionable steps toward success. It will take place Thursday October 5th through Sunday October 8th at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA.


Our roster of speakers and presenters is packed with knowledgeable and experienced professionals that can provide you with insights and information that will rocket your practice to a new level of success, while also offering valuable advice for fulfillment in areas of life outside your office. At “Success Through Synergy II” here’s a small taste of the experts you will have the opportunity to benefit from:  

  • Hal Ornstein, DPM, president of IPED, recipient of Podiatric Management Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award and co-author of “32 ½ Essential Tips for Practice Management Success”
  • Michael E. Demi, RN, CHC, CPC, CPMA, CSFAC, Senior Consultant of Medical Compliance Associates
  • Anil Malik, founder and president of Blue Orchid Marketing and provider of marketing services to podiatrists and other healthcare professionals for over a decade
  • Sherunda Simone Josey, DPM, MPH, author, physician, professional keynote speaker, leadership trainer and patient satisfaction specialist

Benefits of Attending

Make your reservation now to attend this dynamic conference. We promise the most valuable conference experience with the smallest impact on your wallet and the greatest impact on your bottom line by delivering the following:

  • Unique format designed to produce meaningful conversations and results from roundtable sessions with new practitioners and seasoned physicians as well as market experts
  • Learn about cutting edge scientific breakthroughs and master modern marketing techniques
  • Find out how to take control of your bottom line and gain continuing education credits designed to give you the largest return on investment in your practice
  • Topics that impact your life and practice now, including: audits, case studies, wound care, work-life balance, billing and coding, increasing efficiency, marketing workshops, practice growth and growing pains, HIPAA and cyber security, DME, practice management business strategies, wealth management and health and wellbeing.

Information will be delivered in easily accessible formats via roundtables and small group discussions. All podiatrists are welcome; membership in IPED is not required. To learn more about IPED and get additional meeting details, contact us at: info@podiatricexcellence.org.