Gifts Bring More than Good Cheer

Gifts Bring More than Good Cheer

During the holiday season, your practice has an important opportunity to spread goodwill and solidify business partnerships through gift giving. At the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED), we know the importance of making and maintaining connections between colleagues. Gift giving, a common practice at this time of the year, is a chance to say “thank you” to those physicians that help your practice by sending referrals to you for podiatric care. Below are some tips to for infusing your presents with more meaning:

Go for a Group Gift

Remember that even though it’s the physician who actually writes the referral, your relationship is with the entire staff. Choose gifts that can be enjoyed by the whole office. Food gifts are usually a fail proof choice for this reason.

Add a Little Marketing

Whatever gift you choose to give, include a subtle reminder of your practice. If it’s t-shirts you’re handing out, be sure somewhere in small print is the name and phone number of your practice. Napkins printed with your logo and contact information could accompany food gifts or include magnets, pencils or some other branded item along with your gift.

Don’t Forget a Card

A handwritten note from you expressing your gratitude for the referrals and extending best wishes for a prosperous New Year for the practice you are gifting can go a long way to showing your sincerity.

Presence Make a Better Present

Send a staff member to personally deliver gifts to the practitioners in your area. This not only says that you care, but it also allows for some contact and conversation which can help make your practice stand out and put a face to your practice as well. This may also be an opportunity to set up a lunch and learn or another event in the New Year which will help inform a practice of your particular podiatric specialties.

A varied and diverse network of members who share information and experiences is one of the strongest assets we offer at IPED. To learn more about other benefits of membership, contact us by calling: 978-296-7634.