How IPED Benefits Students

If you’re a student working your way through podiatric medical school and residency, you may wonder how you would benefit from membership in a podiatric professional organization if you’re not yet a podiatrist. The Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) is unique in that part of our mission is bridging the gap between all members of the field from veteran practitioners who are nearing retirement to students, like you, who are still training for your career. Because our reach and interests are so diverse, as an IPED member, we will help expand your knowledge in many ways from the science of podiatry to the science of building a successful practice. You’ll get the benefit from our varied membership, including those on the path just a few steps ahead of you who can share strategies for success and tips for researching and choosing a residency program to creating a CV and acing the interviewing process.

What They Don’t Teach You

Although your education is preparing you to be a podiatrist, once you graduate, you’ll find that there are many components of being a practitioner that your school didn’t teach you.

IPED can help you answer crucial questions, such as:

  • Should I join and established practice or strike out on my own?

  • How do I secure financing to open or buy into a practice?

  • If I am going to have my own practice, is it better to rent or buy my space?

  • What’s the best place to practice?

  • How should I structure my contract?

  • Should I outsource my billing?

  • What type of support staff will I need?

  • How do I create and maintain a good work/life balance?

Our resources and expert members are well versed in the information you will need to get started. And, IPED makes it easy to get the expertise you need on your schedule. We offer an online library of webinars and on demand videos as well as blogs and articles that you can access anytime it’s convenient for you. We also host two meetings a year where you can start gaining valuable contacts and networking with future colleagues and dedicated professionals in the field of podiatry.

Ready to find out how you can become a member? Contact our Executive Director, Ruth Ann Donahue today by calling: 978-296-7634.