Healthy Diet Benefits Podiatric Practitioners and Patients

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March is National Nutrition Month and at the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development one area that we help our members to focus on is appropriate balance between professional and personal life as well as overall satisfaction. Good health for the podiatric physician is essential for being on top of your game and giving the best to your patients, staff and family. In addition, taking care of yourself has another subtle benefit to your practice: a doctor that practices healthy habits projects an impression of good health to patients which subliminally can influence their attitude toward both your practice and your medical advice.

Below are some tips from expert dieticians on how to incorporate healthier eating habits into your daily routine:

  • Plan to snack--we’ve all been there—the crazy day at the office, emergency cases, barely having 10 minutes to yourself. You’re starving and don’t have time for a real meal, so you hit the vending machine or grab a donut someone left in the staff lounge. Not only will this leave you low on energy, it contributes to weight gain by adding value-less calories to your diet. Plan ahead and pack some high protein snacks with a little good fat to sustain you in a healthy way: ¼ cup of almonds and a piece of fruit, a 100 calorie Greek yogurt, or an individual hummus and some baby carrots are all good choices.
  • Eat out without adding pounds—order an appetizer or an a la carte item and fill in your meal with a salad or side of steamed vegetables. If you get a full meal, ask for a to go container when your meal is brought to the table and pack half away to take home. This will save calories and dollars!
  • Downsize your plate—using a smaller plate automatically cuts portion size. Put lean protein, veggies and salad on first and then your starch for a better-balanced meal.
  • Makeover your coffee break—downsize your beverage and cut the syrup in half if you get a flavored coffee. For lattes and cappuccinos, cut the fat by switching from whole milk to low fat or skim. Leave off the whipped cream, caramel drizzle other high calorie toppers.

A healthy practitioner and a healthy practice are part of the goals we at IPED have for our members. If you’d like to have the opportunity to share ideas with footcare professionals at all stages of their careers, contact us at: 978-296-7634.