3 Ways to Use Foot Health Awareness Month to Promote Your Practice

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At the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED), one topic we hear frequently discussed among our members is the marketing of a podiatric practice. How do you let patients know about the many services you provide and encourage a proactive approach to foot health? April offers a good opportunity for some targeted marketing both internally and to your community. It’s Foot Health Awareness Month. 

Below are some ways to use this as a springboard for getting the word out about your practice and good foot health habits.

  1. Celebrate in your office—put up a banner, posters and even a few balloons calling your patients’ attention to the fact that April is Foot Health Awareness Month. Use this opportunity to have some displays highlighting services you offer and place educational flyers in the office for patients to take on topics such as diabetes, bunion surgery, how to do a self-exam on your feet or preventing fungal infections. Consider giving out candy or, better yet, a magnet, pencil or other small promotional item that has your practice’s name and contact info on it.
  2. Offer seminars in your community—senior centers, schools, parks and recreation are all potential venues in your town that will welcome a free presentation on foot health care. You can slant your presentation to your audience to promote foot health services you specialize in. Be sure to take questions and allow time at the end for guests to come up and chat with you. Leave them with business cards, brochures or other marketing tools and you’ll be paving the way for future clients when a podiatric concern arises.
  3. Team up with a fitness footwear store—contact area sports shoe stores and see if they would be interested in sponsoring a joint event with you. Encouraging appropriate shoes for sports and fitness activities and emphasizing the importance of a proper fit is something that benefits the patient, practitioner and shoe salesman. Sports medicine and preventing or treating sports injuries is an area of primary concern to patients at all age levels and one you want your practice to be associated with.

At IPED, sharing information and ideas about practice management is just one part of our mission. To find out more, contact us at: 978-296-7634 and consider becoming a member today.