Residents: Now is the Time to Join IPED


At the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we are not just here for podiatric professionals who are already established. Our mission is to form a bridge that goes all the way from students and residents to veteran practitioners nearing retirement. We believe there is much to be gained from sharing experiences and resources.

As a resident, you’ve already spent some long years gaining the textbook knowledge necessary to diagnose and treat all types of toe, foot and ankle conditions and the next few years will find yourself immersed in intense training in medical and surgical techniques. Before you know it, however, you’ll be faced with the big question: What’s next? While you may not think you have the time or that it would be of much benefit at this point in your career, joining IPED can actually be a great source of help. There are many practical aspects of getting out and practicing podiatric medicine that are not a part of your extensive education. IPED can provide information so you can sort out options and make key decisions on items such as:

  • Should you start in an established practice or open your own?
  • Where’s the best location for you to practice?
  • How can you secure financing to buy into or start your practice?
  • What’s the best way to structure a contract?
  • How do you outsource your billing?

IPED can help you navigate the maze of getting started. We offer a number of resources that will aid you:

  • Experts who are well versed in specific areas from finance to practice management to life coaching are available to our members.
  • Online library, webinars and videos available 24/7 that allow you to access continuing education and practice management information when you can best fit it into your schedule.
  • Meetings at least twice a year where you can interact face to face with fellow colleagues at all phases of their careers. This is an opportunity to network and learn from dedicated professionals.

In reality, IPED will actually save you time by assembling the info you need in one place and eliminating hours of search time for busy residents. Ready to join? For more information, contact our Executive Directory, Ruth Ann Donahue at: 978-296-7634.