Are You Reaching Older Americans?


June is Older Americans Month and at the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we thought this would be a good opportunity to help podiatric practitioners evaluate how they are doing reaching this segment of the market. 

Why Market to Senior Citizens?

First of all, why should you be concerned about whether or not older Americans know about your practice and the podiatric services you offer? We live in a time where for the first time ever, people over the age of 65 outnumber people under the age of 5. And, those over the age of 65 are currently expected to live approximately another 20 years. According to marketing analysts, today’s 75-year-olds are as young physically as 65-year-olds used to be, and their thinking is more like that of 55-year-olds of the past. This translates into seniors who are more active than ever, concerned about their health and with the disposable income to make their priorities realities. Several podiatric conditions, including diabetes and arthritis, are prevalent in the senior population. All of this adds up to a potentially significant and consistent patient population for a podiatric practice.

Strategies that Work

There are a number of ways to get the word out to senior patients. Here are top recommendations from other practitioners who have successfully tapped into this market:

  • Newspaper Ads—senior citizens are one of the few segments of the market that still value the ritual of reading the daily paper.
  • Online Ads—older Americans are also computer savvy and utilize the web to look up medical, travel and other information.
  • Prescription bags—since older patients use a significant amount of prescription medication, this can be a high visibility site for information about your practice.
  • Senior Center Presentations—offering to give informational talks at senior centers about diabetic foot care, orthotics, shoes and other topics of interest is an excellent way to get yourself known in the community and can result in new patients.
  • Sports Store Promotions—with the increased focus on health and fitness for older Americans, pairing up with a sports shoe store to give out info about proper fit and shoe design (with your business card attached, of course) can also be an excellent way to reach senior patients.

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