Always Improving: Keep Striving for Excellence


How would you rate the atmosphere in your podiatric practice? Is it fresh, dynamic and enthusiastic? Do you and your staff feel that each day you are working to make the experience better for your patients with increased satisfaction and superior outcomes? At the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) part of our mission is helping our members stay current and elevate their practices as well as the profession as a whole. We do this in a number of ways: meetings (check out our “Innovate, Motivate, Integrate” fall seminar coming in September), webinars, video seminars and blogs. We believe that the greatest resource is fellow practitioners sharing their experiences and continuing to find new ways to manage and improve our practices together. 

Below is a list of suggestions to serve as inspiration and a springboard for your office:

  1. Poll your front office and clinical team members for 5 ways they feel you can more effectively schedule your patients and improve patient flow. Observe the flow and motion of patients and staff for one month and implement the best suggestions from the staff.
  2. Decide on one new service your practice will provide within the next 12 months and develop a plan for implementation.
  3. List ways in which technology might enhance your in and out-of-office productivity. What new developments are there that might help your office staff? Ask for input from those who would be using these technologies.
  4. Come up with 5 marketing opportunities in your area (sports shoe store, senior center, stadium) and choose 2 that you will devise a plan for to reach out to new prospective patients. 
  5. Create or update your office manual. Ask one or two physicians in your area if you can review their office manuals and compare with yours to find ideas to improve it.
  6. List 5 changes that you and your team can make immediately to increase efficiency. Make sure the steps are small and manageable and that your staff is onboard. 
  7. Plan one motivator for your staff for each of the next 12 months to show your appreciation and improve performance.

If you’re interested in learning more practice management strategies and meeting fellow colleagues from all stages of their podiatric careers who are striving for excellence, contact us by calling: 978-296-7634.