4 Ways In-Office Dispensing Can Help Your Practice


At the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we are always interested in passing on information to our members on ways to make their practices better. One way to improve patient care and increase your revenue is by offering podiatric products in your office. Although some physicians worry that there will be a conflict between their professionalism and in-office dispensing, this does not have to be the case. If the selling is low-key and products are relevant to patients’ medical needs it can actually be a win-win for practitioner and patient. 

Below are 4 reasons to consider in-office dispensing:

  1. Improved patient satisfaction—when you prescribe a treatment or product and then make it readily available in your office, patients will feel that they are receiving more complete care. They will also appreciate the convenience of one-stop shopping and knowing they are getting a professional quality product without having to do a lot of leg work on their own.
  2. Increased compliance--having the product available in the office means podiatric professionals can suggest a specific product and demonstrate how to use it properly before the patient leaves the office. This greatly reduces the risk of the patient purchasing the wrong product or using it incorrectly. And, since it is available in the office they are more likely to get it that day and use it for their condition.
  3. Extra revenue—of course, the products you sell will bring a profit to you. However, be sure you only offer products that you personally trust and believe in. If your patients are dissatisfied because the products you sell are ineffective, you will risk losing their trust.
  4. More patient referrals—good products that work will result in patients spreading the word about them to family and friends. This can increase traffic to your office and ultimately bring you more patients.

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