IPED Helps New Practitioners


September is a time for new beginnings and if you’re a new podiatric practitioner, we at the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) know that you’ve got a lot to think about. After many years of extensive training in school and as a resident, you have acquired a great wealth of medical knowledge that you are most likely eager to apply. Suddenly, however, you may find yourself confronted with a number of decisions for which your training did not prepare you.

That’s where IPED can help. Our mission is to bridge the gap between students and physicians at all stages of their careers as well as ancillary staff. We offer education, support and mentorship on patient care, healthcare reform and practice management. We disseminate this information in a variety of ways designed for the busy practitioner to take advantage of. IPED offers webinars, videos, blogs and face-to-face conferences. Our strength, we believe, is in the sharing of knowledge and experiences by all our members. This helps each individual practitioner and also elevates our profession. 

From School to Practice

Among the many, below are some areas that we found new practitioners need to explore:

  • Deciding on how to practice—do you want to join an existing group practice or go solo? 

  • What to practice—do you hope to specialize in a particular aspect of podiatry? If so, how do you go about establishing a specialty practice?

  • Credentialing

  • Geolocation—are you tied to a particular city or state? How do you go about analyzing the existing podiatric services vs. need ratio in a given locale?

  • Understanding insurance, coding and billing

  • Hiring and firing staff if you are going to have your own practice

  • Deciding whether to rent or buy office space

  • Applying for hospital privileges 

  • Understanding how to market your practice for success

  • Getting referrals

These and other practical considerations and management skills will enable you to turn all that you’ve learned into a successful podiatric practice. Interested in learning more about membershipContact our Executive Director, Ruth Ann Donahue at: 978-296-7634.