10 Questions to Ask on An Interview

If the New Year finds you in need of a new employee for your team, we at the Institute of Podiatric Excellence (IPED) would like to help you find the best fit for your office. At IPED, part of our mission is enabling podiatric professionals from all stages of their careers—newly practicing to veteran practitioners—share information to help improve the success of individual practices and the field of podiatric medicine as a whole.

Setting Your Expectations

Of course, before you begin the hiring process, you will need a well-defined job description for the position that is open. Don’t skip this part. Putting down on paper what specific duties the job entails and how that employee is expected to interact with other members of your team will help you clarify what are the most important skills you are looking for in a new hire.

Making the Most of the Interview Process

There’s an old saying, “Hire for attitude; train for success.” Beyond previous work experiences, you want to try to get an idea of how your prospective employee thinks and will act in key situations. Below are 10 questions you can ask that will more creatively draw out information that can lead you to the right decision:

1.       How do you plan your day? Your week?

2.       What special characteristics do you possess that we should know about?

3.       How do you define cooperation?

4.       Can you describe your idea job?

5.       How do you decide between two competing priorities?

6.       Will you describe an instance at a previous job where you showed initiative?

7.       Can you tell us about an incident where a co-worker or patient got angry with you and how you handled it?

8.       What inspires you to work harder?

9.       What’s the single most important personality trait for working as part of an office team?

10.   If you were hiring for this position, what traits would you look for?

While these questions may not tell you all you need to know to hire the best person for your position, they will give you some insight into how the person you are interviewing thinks and acts in situations that will be important to your final decision.

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