New Year’s Resolutions for Your Practice


At the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we are committed to helping practitioners at all stages of their careers from brand new podiatrists to seasoned veterans improve their practices. We do this by providing opportunities for colleague-to-colleague sharing and also through webinars, blogs, videos, articles and mentoring. Just as many of us are making resolutions at this time of the year for ways that we wish to improve our lives, it’s a good idea to examine your practice and make a few resolutions for the upcoming year.

Increase Staff Input—start by involving your staff in the formulations of some New Year’s resolutions for your practice. Since your team usually plays a key role in implementing any changes in your office, it’s a great idea to hear their suggestions for improving office protocols. In addition, letting your staff know they are heard increases a sense of personal ownership for the work being done and fosters a greater sense of team. Create opportunities for staff feedback throughout the year.

Update Your Mission Statement—if you don’t have a mission statement, a great resolution would be to create one. If you do have one, now is a good time to get it out and re-read it. Are you meeting the goals you have set? Have your areas of specialty shifted? Mission statements are meant to be modified and active—not stuck on a dusty shelf in your office. It’s a way to make sure your practice is always growing and dynamic in its approach to the field of podiatric medicine.

Give Back—what is your practice doing to give back to the community? Are staff members offered time for volunteer opportunities? Does your community see you as an active and caring member?

Work/Life Balance—what is your overall satisfaction with the work/life balance you have achieved in your practice? How about your staff? It’s worth examining this component of your practice to ensure continued commitment and stability of your staff.

Improving Patient Experiences—what is one thing that could be done to improve patient outcomes or experience of your office? Take a look at waiting times, read suggestions from patients (consider having a suggestion box in your office, if you don’t already) and ask staff members what the complaints are they hear most often.

Start the New Year on a positive note with changes that will improve your practice for your patients, your staff and yourself.

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