Our Mission Statement:  

To provide an educational and mentoring platform in the field of practice management that primarily focuses on students, residents, fellows and new practitioners that will forge a strong foundation for their podiatric careers while providing continuing support to the more established podiatrist.

I Didn’t Match!  Now What???


We empathize with your situation of not getting a residency program this year.  Yes, it hurts.  But in years to come, you will look back on this experience, and know it was another challenge that you successfully overcame.  The Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) recognizes your hard work and effort, and is dedicated to helping you get you through this and creating options for your future.  We have developed a program to help graduates elevate their education and experience through a Practice Management Preceptorship in podiatrists’ offices throughout the country, and significantly enhance your chance for getting a residency next year.


  • To provide graduates of a podiatric medical school, who are without a residency program, with a meaningful, office-based experience.
  • To foster a mentor relationship between practitioner and the graduate for the future benefit of the graduate.
  • To expose the graduate to real life clinical and practice management experience, philosophies, and skills to benefit their future practice years.
  • To provide continuing practical education to prepare the graduate for interviews and their following podiatric residency experience.
  • To enhance the graduates opportunity to get a residency the following year.


The curriculum is laid out as a ten month educational experience beginning in July 2017 and ending in May 2018.  

What is the application process for the IPED Graduate Management and Clinical Program?


Applications will be accepted starting May 1, 2017 following the completion of the scramble.  The preceptorship start date will be July 1st and we understand in some instances the program may need to start after this date.  The application will simply be your complete CASPR Application (include your CASPR application, CV, and letters of reference).  

Email your application to Ruth Ann Donahue : radonahue@podiatricexcellence.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Participating in the IPED Graduate Management and Clinical Program does not guarantee you a residency position. The program was merely designed to help further the education in podiatric medicine and practice management in those graduates of podiatric medical schools who were unable, for whatever reason, to match due to the current podiatric residency shortage.

IPED participated in developing the curriculum and recruiting doctors to participate in the program. There is no guarantee however, that matches for the Preceptorship will be made for all applicants, although the IPED will make every effort to match applicants with suitable podiatric offices.  Upon successful placement, IPED will not have a direct influence on each individual postgraduate’s post graduate experience, which will of course, ultimately depend upon the podiatric practice with which the applicant is matched.  IPED’s goal is to connect postgraduates with experienced doctors who can mentor them through a practice management program by sharing their own unique style, approach, and experience.