6+ Years

As an experienced practitioner, you are most likely deeply rooted in an established practice - solo, group, or other and working very hard to keep up with the demands of an ever changing healthcare system. You need to provide the best and most current podiatric medicine while being assured that the coding and billing of the care you provide is accurate and will be financially compensated in a timely manner. You also are constantly aware of the work flow of your office team making sure that it provides quality and detailed services to your clientele. Through all of this you are trying to maintain the balance between your professional and personal lives. IPED realizes the demands this profession puts on you wants to be your “go to” resource to get the answers you need to continue to successfully grow your practice and to help you prepare for a time when you start to think about downsizing your participation in the field. IPED brings together top podiatric professionals in a structured forum of education, support and mentorship creating opportunities for you to be able to acquire the most current information to keep your practice thriving and provide planning strategies to accommodate each phase of your professional career.