1-5+ Years


As a New Practitioner, whether you are working in an already established practice or you have gone out on your own, you probably have encountered situations that just were not addressed in your training.

For example, did your training include:

  • Choosing an Office Location; Solo, Group or Specialty Practice
  • Credentialing
  • Hiring and Firing Staff
  • Insurance Models, Coding and Billing
  • In-Office Dispensing, Practice Assessment and Protocols
  • Marketing your Practice or Applying for Hospital Privileges

All of these practice management skills are very much part of your future in podiatry and IPED can be there to help you organize, develop and implement successful strategies unique to your practice which in turn can help you create balance in your professional and personal lives.

IPED’s basic premise is to bring podiatric professionals together in a structured forum of education, support and mentorship that creates opportunities to share ideas related to patient care, compliance adherence, healthcare reform, and management skills that are essential for success. Bottom line - IPED will help you take those medical and management skills and grow them into a successful practice.