Over the next few years, you will be well trained in medical and surgical techniques. While that will consume much of your time, there will come a moment of realization when you need to decide what you will do after you finish your rotations. Will you go into an already established practice? Will you open your own? How will you secure financing to open or buy into a practice? How will you structure your contract and do I outsource my billing? As daunting as these thoughts can be because they were not covered in your medical training, they are very real and they do present themselves before you know it.

This is where IPED can help you navigate the “maze of getting started” with its resources and experts who are well versed in the specific areas you will need addressed. There is no need to attempt to do this alone as IPED can be your go to resource for answers. .


While you are a few years away from starting in practice, we are here to help you navigate the different and varied phases of your training so that when the time comes, you will be aptly prepared. From the science of podiatry to the science of building a successful practice IPED will help you. We will guide you in researching residency programs and applying for the program that best suits your professional goals. We can provide instruction and tips for creating your CV and prepare you for interviewing process so as to instill a lasting positive impression.