25+ Years


As a veteran practitioner, you have acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise, while continuing to add to that expertise to remain certified and compliant with all the healthcare requirements. As you well know, it becomes increasingly necessary to surround yourself with a support system comprised of expert physicians, consultants and like-minded individuals, who are well versed on the most recent updates, trends and requirements in compliance, coding, documentation, and treatment methods. As a member of IPED these resources are available to you as we constantly strive to make available such resources so that you can continue to provide best possible patient care while maintaining balance between your personal and professional lives.

Further, as someone who has been in practice for awhile, chances are you have been thinking about your future and possible retirement options. Do you simply want to downsize your hours or take on a new associate who might want to buy your practice? Do you know the true value of your practice and how to achieve a mutually beneficial end product for everyone? IPED can offer resources and personal contacts to help you assess your current situation and get your desired outcome

Finally, IPED recognizes that your knowledge base is invaluable and a tremendous resource for those with less experience. That being said, one IPED’s major goals is to have the sage wisdom of those like yourself, who have been “in the trenches” reach out to those new to the profession who would benefit from your insights and suggestions that can help them succeed in this profession. Involvement as a mentor is the cornerstone of IPED’s existence. With your involvement, the mission of IPED then comes full circle with the sharing of ideas and resources to help everyone achieve their desired goals.