"The Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development” (IPED) has been designed to motivate, inspire and synergistically bridge the gap between podiatry students, residents, new practitioners and seasoned veterans. IPED is committed to matching the enthusiasm and desire to be successful, with the experience and practicality of working on and in private practice. As a source of support and mentorship, we are dedicated to instilling and renewing the energy of podiatric physicians, their practices and their overall wellbeing.

The primary goal of IPED is to provide members with essential tools at every stage of their careers. For students, we will be there to offer guidance on seeking out and applying for the residency program that best suits your professional goals and provide instruction for creating a CV and interviewing tips to instill a lasting positive impression.

For residents and physicians new to the “real world” of practice, we will work to prepare you for the road quickly approaching as well as to improve the conditions of the road you are traveling now. IPED will offer a plethora of tools and critical information from those who have been in your shoes and learned valuable lessons along the way. From decisions about going out on your own, seeking employment as an associate, working in a skilled facility setting, or finding a combination that works with your 5 and 10 year plans (yes, you should have those!), we have the blueprints to make your goals more attainable and your feelings of uncertainty more manageable.

For our more seasoned practitioners, IPED is here to offer guidance and encouragement through the obstacles that we face on a daily basis. With each passing year, it becomes increasingly necessary to surround yourself with a support system comprised of expert physicians, consultants and like-minded individuals, who are well versed on the most recent updates, trends and requirements in compliance, coding, documentation, and treatment methods. Most importantly, we will provide insight on how to abide by the rules while providing the best possible patient care and maintaining personal sanity.

The concept behind our organization is to go back to basics and to share and learn together. As we are aware of the changing paradigm in accessing information, we will be utilizing our website to provide educational resources and structured platforms that allow you to focus on your studies, your cases, or your practice without the constant need to travel in order to stay informed.

In addition to our webinars, articles, videos and educational blogs, we will offer actual meetings (as it is beneficial to receive information and to share ideas with podiatrists at all stages of practice as well as experienced professionals from time to time).

So take the first step to becoming an IPED member by clicking the button below. It is easy and complimentary.