Here are my top 5 reason why you should join school clubs. While it may be true that some just want your dues and others don’t do very much for anyone, finding a few good clubs can add hefty amounts of value to your podiatric education.


One of the best reasons to join different clubs is to get to know different people who share similar interests as you.  Get to know upperclassmen, classmates, guest lectures and professors. You will rely on their help for all sorts of reasons i.e. how to study for boards, how to pass a certain professor’s class, and deciding which externships you want and which residencies you want to apply to. The larger the variety of people that you get to know and network with, the wider and deeper your knowledge base will become.

Learn what your interests are

There is no better way to learn what your interests are then by experiencing them.  Are you interested in Podopediatrics? Biomechanics? Dermatology? Practice Management? By learning what you are interested in, you will be more motivated to learn and develop your interests into a career.  Maybe after joining SALSAL you will realize that you are more interested in elective surgery than wound care/limb salvage. The more that you learn about your interests, the more you will be able to apply those interests to your professional life.

Solidify your understanding

There is no better way to learn then to solidify your understanding with hands-on skills. Attend as many workshops as you can. Learn how to suture, how to tape, write notes. Learn from other students and professionals.  Attend as many guest lectures as you can. Hearing something repeated a couple of different ways will solidify your understanding of a topic and lead to a deeper knowledge of the topic…..And that equals A’s!

Service Opportunities

School is very much about the mind. Service is very much about the heart. Becoming a Doctor requires both the mind and the heart. When you serve others, you are exercising your compassion and your empathy. The more you get out and serve others, the happier you will become. You will become less stressed and less anxious. The opportunity to serve is an opportunity to become a better person.

Develop Leadership skills

If you are not satisfied with how a club is functioning or you think that it could be better, then fix it! Join the club leadership and find ways to make it better. Find speakers who can really teach you what your club is all about. Have workshops where you can learn hands-on skills. Learn how to work with other leaders to accomplish your club’s goals.

Residency directors and those looking to hire you really don’t care about your position in a certain club. They care about how you made that club better. There is nothing more attractive about an applicant then an action oriented attitude. Build your club up and make it better. 

Tanner Coleman

4th year at BUSPM c/o 2017