Dr. Cernak in the News

One of IPED’s members, Dr. Cynthia Cernak of Wisconsin recently addressed the Great Lakes Cardiology Seminar.  In attendance were 270 primary care physicians, cardiologists, surgeons, lab technicians and nurse practitioners.  Dr. Cernak is the only podiatrist ever invited to speak before these cardiology specialists.

dr. cernak

The theme of the conference was the need to work as a team.  Dr. Cernak was asked to speak on PVD and Limb Salvage and the inter-disciplinary approach to treatment.  Her presentation talked about recognizing small vessel type disease frequently missed, the need to diagnosed PAD, and work with vascular specialists to help decrease risks of CVA in the patient with PAD.  

Dr. Cernak pointed out that the human body has many parts but that a person is a sum of all those parts and that specialized medical practitioners needs to consider all those parts in determining protocols for a patient’s care.  ”We start at the foot and work our way up….sometimes seeing many types of pathology that can help save a life or give better quality of life when recognized and working as a team to address it with our MD colleagues for the health of our patients. “”The problem with most doctors is not that we do not know enough, ….it is we do not see enough “.

Congratulations, Dr. Cernak.