Fourth Year Students

As fourth year podiatric students embark on a new adventure of externships, many questions remain unanswered on the expectations and standards on how to be a good student and leave an impressive mark. 

I share with you a few tips that will serve you well towards a successful externship experience.

We all work so hard during the four years of podiatry school. So many hours of our time are spent studying, making charts, and going to tutor sessions. We do this so that we can get into a residency program so that sensible surgical and practice options can be learned and honed for when it’s time to face the real world on your own.

Resident Autonomy

  • Our Program provides a great deal of resident autonomy in the O.R. , clinic, and with inpatient hospital management. We single scrub all of our cases which allows us to experience a more hands-on approach to surgery. We also see our own patients in clinic under the supervision of our attendings. We typically see around 20 patients per resident in our weekly resident run clinic. During our clinic time, we see our own post-op patients and develop our own surgical/treatment plans for new consults.  We also admit many of our own patients and therefore must be able to manage them from a medical standpoint.

The time surrounding Boards Part 2 is one of the most important times of your podiatry school career. Everyone is aware that not only do you need to pass Boards to qualify for residency, you also need to remain functional to get through a grueling week of interviews and obtain that vaunted residency program. The best way to remain sane during this trying time is to know what is to come and tackle it head on.