Finding the right employees to round out your office staff is an ongoing challenge for doctors and office managers. In the current climate, there are no shortage of applicants. The trick is weeding through them, choosing who to interview and then making the right decision to benefit your practice and your patients. At the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we have the advantage of drawing on a pool of resources from podiatrists across a broad range of geographic areas and experience levels.

Below are 6 ways to streamline the process and raise your chances of successfully filling a position with just the right candidate.

  1. Answering your ad. When you put out the call for the position you are hiring for, include some specific instructions, such as “Send your resume and put ‘I’m your new front office team member,’ in the subject line.” In addition to good spelling and grammar in their response, note if the candidate followed all your instructions. Past performance is indicative of future performance. Those that don’t meet the criteria in the initial response should be deleted right away.
  2. Phone screening. Step two is a phone interview. Note the energy level and enthusiasm in your prospective employee’s voice. Are they articulate? Do you hear stifled yawns? Two strikes if they called more than 5 minutes earlier or later than the assigned time.
  3. In-person interview. If the person has made it to the personal interview stage, try to encourage them to talk and ask questions about the job description and the workload. Legally there are questions you cannot ask regarding children, age, health issues, etc. Ask about what they hope to gain from the position and make sure that they are available the hours you need them. Much will be revealed in conversation.
  4. Employee Interview. If the in-person interview goes well, ask one of your current employees to join you and let the prospective hire interview your employee about office dynamics, problem solving and office policy. Observe the interaction.
  5. Working Interview. Ask the prospective hire if they would be willing to come in for an hour or two and work alongside their possible future coworkers. Let them greet patients, do some office work or any other tasks that are relevant to the position you are hiring them for. This will allow you to see their people skills in action. Get feedback afterwards from your current employees.
  6. Final details. If the person has passed all the above stages with flying colors, perform reference and background checks and be sure there are no red flags before offering them the position.

Following this procedure should ensure a good fit and productive addition to your staff. Sharing information to improve podiatric practices is just one of many benefits of membership in IPED. To learn more, contact us at: 978-296-7634.

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