As a student in a podiatric program you may feel that your course load is too rigorous for something as frivolous as a club. However, at the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED), our members who have graduated and are now in practice say that looking back, clubs have benefitted them in significant ways.

Here are 5 reasons to join:

  1. Learn what you like. Clubs give you an opportunity to dig deeper into podiatric specialties and find out what appeals to you. You’ll be able to experience different areas of the field, such as biomechanics, podopediatrics and dermatology. Interacting with other students who are passionate about a particular aspect of podiatry will help you gain insight into what direction you want to take your career.
  2. Practice makes perfect. Clubs offer opportunities such as hands-on workshops and guest lecturers. These will solidify your understanding of the material you are covering in class and provide scenarios where you can put your knowledge into practice. (Both of which can translate into higher grades.)
  3. It’s who you know. Those you meet through a club—classmates, upperclassmen, professors, guest lecturers—can all be valuable connections. From information on externships and residencies to future job contacts, your club experience can help increase your network. This is a concept we believe in at IPED and one of the many benefits of membership. To learn more, contact us at 978-296-7634.
  4. Become a leader. Stepping up to a board position for a club gives you the experience of working with others to set and accomplish goals. Effecting changes that improve your club is something future employers will value.
  5. Develop heart to go with your head. Many clubs offer service opportunities. Being a doctor requires both mind and heart. Serving others in need helps foster empathy and compassion—two traits that will make you a much better doctor.

So do some research and talk to others to find a club or two that suits you. It will make your school experience more enjoyable and rich as well as provide many benefits down the road.

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