It’s a New Year and time to make a few resolutions, not just personally but professionally too. At the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we’re committed to helping those in the field of podiatry maximize their potential by sharing information and experience. This year, we’re encouraging members to use the “Eff” words: Efficient and Effective—with a minimum amount of Effort!

Below are 5 ways to create a more efficient office:

  1. Plan Ahead. This is always good advice but we’re talking about on daily basis here. Consider arriving at your office an hour ahead of everyone else to look over the day’s schedule. Visualize the patients you will be seeing that day and get an idea of approximately how much time each will require (barring surprises, of course). Now is also a good time to read x-rays and get a handle on what you need to go over with each patient. Seeing ahead through your whole day will also give you some insight on where to best plug in emergent patients if needed.
  2. Be a Good Communicator. Remember that communication is a two way street. It’s as important for you to listen to your staff as it is for them to listen to you. Set goals together for patient care and divide and conquer the tasks necessary to achieve those goals. Eventually you’ll find you and your staff are able to anticipate each other’s actions and the whole patient care process will run like a well-oiled machine.
  3. Set the Tone. Lead by example. Show your staff that you are organized, energetic and positively focused on providing the best patient care and they will follow your lead. (Same is true if you are disorganized and practice poor habits too.)
  4. Set Priorities. What can only you do in your office? As the doctor, you need to provide the medical treatment and care information to your patients. You can, however, have staff do tasks such as taking blood pressure and explaining durable medical equipment usage so you have more time to see patients.
  5. Create Protocols. Certain information needs to be gathered from every patient. Streamline the process by creating standard protocols (How long have you been suffering from this condition? Does it affect your ability to perform daily tasks? etc.).

We at IPED wish you a prosperous and satisfying year, serving your patients and enjoying life both in your practice and outside of it. To learn more about becoming a membercontact Executive Director, Ruth Ann Donahue at 978-296-7634.

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