One important tip veteran practitioners will often offer is that the difference between a flourishing practice and a mediocre one is in the small details. At The Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED)we encourage physicians to exchange ideas that will help new practitioners get off to a good start. Raising the bar on the standard of podiatric care is something we can all strive for together. Here are some small details that can make your practice standout:

  • Make patients feel heard. At the end of each visit, ask if they have any other questions and finish with, “Thank you for coming in today and don’t hesitate to call if you have any other questions.”
  • Follow up with every new patient the night of their first visit with a phone call to see if they have additional questions or concerns.
  • If a patient waits an overly long time to be seen, give them a movie ticket or coupon for free coffee and a donut.
  • Give all post-op patients a bag of good quality candy or a box of chocolates. Not only is this a thoughtful gesture, but when patients share the candy they will tell them where it came from, giving a positive plug for your practice.
  • Place a comment box in a spot visible to patients but not in the line of sight of the front desk staff. This will enable patients to leave suggestions without feeling intimidated.
  • Recognize employees with gifts for their dedication and service, as well as with random notes left in their work area praising them for specific outstanding actions.
  • Get the email address of new patients and send out forms and directions before their visit.

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