You can be the most excellent podiatric professional in your area but if patients don’t know about your practice or where to find you, your practice will never excel. For new practioners, it’s essential to introduce your practice to the community and find avenues to market to the types of patients you hope to serve. For those podiatrists with well established practices, regularly reviewing your marketing strategies and avenues will help ensure that you continue to maintain a high profile and attract new patients.

At the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we have the benefit of the experience of practioners at all stages of their careers from many places in the country. This provides a wealth of information you can use to optimize your marketing strategies, including the following tips:

  • Know your “brand.” What are your practice’s specialties and who are the patients you are trying to reach? It may sound obvious but if you want to market to a geriatric population, you’re not going to be putting ads in college newspapers. Think about where the patients you are trying to reach get their information and find marketing outlets there.
  • Cover all the obvious bases. Every practice needs a professional “user friendly” website. Ads in the phone book, local newspapers, radio and TV stations should be weighed out to determine where your ad dollars will have the greatest impact. (As a general rule, 10% of your expected revenue should go to marketing.)
  • Get creative. There are many opportunities to market your practice such as giving a talk at a local Lions Club, Kiwanis or Rotary Club meeting, visiting local nursing homes and health centers, writing an article on footcare for the newspaper or having an open house for your practice.
  • Get specific. Direct mail campaigns can help bring in patients and also make existing patients feel particularly well cared for which will maintain their loyalty to your practice and may lead to referrals of new patients as well.

If you’d like to have access to more information that will help you maximize the potential of your practice, consider joining IPED. Our mission is to bring together podiatric professionals to share knowledge and experience and offer networking and other opportunities to help you provide the best care possible to your patients and increase the success of your practice. To learn more, contact us at 978-296-7634.

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