Congratulations! You’ve made it through years of schooling and residency programs and now you are finally ready to launch your career in podiatric medicine. It’s an exciting time and there are lots of options available to you as you focus on your areas of specialty and long-term goals. Now is the ideal time to join the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED). Our unique platform has been created to benefit practioners in all phases of their careers. For a new podiatrist just starting out, the benefits are significant.

Practice Management 101

You may think that after all the training and education you’ve received there isn’t anything you aren’t prepared to tackle. However, many podiatric training grounds don’t cover the practical aspects of managing your own practice. If you’re planning to start your own practice, here are some of the many aspects of medical management you’ll need to tackle:

·       Choosing a profitable location for your practice

·       Deciding whether to go it alone or enter a group practice

·       Hiring and managing staff

·       Credentialing

·       Internal and External Marketing

·       Coding, billing and insurance regulations

·       E-prescribing and electronic medical record keeping

·       Applying for hospital privileges

·       Practice assessment

At IPED, our goal is to bring podiatric professionals together and offer a structured and convenient forum for education, mentorship and support. Our mission is to streamline your research and bring a wealth of experience directly to you. Through IPED, you can share in the experiences of seasoned podiatric professionals and learn firsthand from those already in the field about patient care, practice management, healthcare reform and compliance adherence. You’ll also have the invaluable opportunity to form relationships and network with others in the field of podiatric medicine.

IPED can help ensure that your first steps are on solid ground by providing help to design and implement strategies that will help your practice succeed and create a balance between your professional and personal lives.

To learn more about membership with IPED, contact our executive director, Ruth Ann Donahue or check out what other members are saying on our website.

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