E-prescribing has many advantages. Studies show that it dramatically decreases medication errors. It also uses your office staff’s time efficiently—phone calls and faxes to pharmacies are greatly reduced and renewals and authorizations can be handled automatically. In addition, Medicare offers financial incentives for e-prescribing. It’s also way more convenient for your patients. Before you jump in with both feet, however, review these points:

  1. Decide if you are ready to implement a full Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) or if you just want to do e-prescribing. If you think you want to eventually move to an EMR system, consider how e-prescribing will fit into that future system.
  2. Anticipate how the change to e-prescribing will affect your office: the work flow, the staff, etc. How much of a problem do you think this will be? What is your staff’s comfort level with technology and change?
  3. What kind of hardware will you need to make the new system of prescribing work and how will that work interface with what you are currently using?
  4. Involve everyone in your office who will be affected by the change in the planning process.
  5. If you decide to make the change to e-prescribing, plan ahead to allow for appropriate time to train all your staff and for them to become proficient in using the new system.

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