Fall Meeting First Look

Have you ever stopped to consider what the entire patient experience is like for someone who comes to your practice? At the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we’re excited to announce the topic for our fall meeting: Taking a Closer Look at the Entire Patient Experience. While you may just be thinking about booking your summer vacation, we want to give you a sneak preview of this meeting scheduled to take place in Pittsburgh, September 12-14th. Put it on your calendar now because if you’re interested in finding infinite ways to improve your practice you won’t want to miss it. Below are some highlights to look forward to.

Attracting Patients—how do you get new patients? Today, there are many ways to cast a wider net to let patients know what you have to offer. What do your website and social media platforms say about your practice? It’s no longer possible to ignore these sources of advertising but you’ll also want to hear new ways to maximize good old fashioned “shoe leather marketing” as well.

Make the Most of First Impressions—a new patient’s experience starts with their first call to the office and then their initial visit. Your staff, the waiting room, check-in procedures, and new patient policies will have already imprinted an impression on them long before they even get to meet you, the physician.

Diagnosis and Treatment—of course, this is the most important part of what you do. But, how you deliver information and communicate with your patients can greatly impact their compliance with a treatment plan. Build trust with your patients with the products you dispense and the follow-up.

And, this is just the tip of the iceberg. On top of a wealth of information, you can put to use immediately to elevate your practice, you’ll also have a chance to meet old friends and network with new colleagues. At the conference, you’ll learn about the latest podiatric products and technologies that can keep your practice on the cutting edge, while giving your patients more reasons to refer others to you.

Conferences are just one benefit of membership in IPED. To learn more, contact our Executive Director, Ruth Ann Donahue by calling: 978-296-7634.

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