7 Ways to Be a Good Leader for Your Staff

What makes an efficient, cohesive and happy office team? At the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we help podiatric professionals improve their practices. We offer webinars, videos, and blogs that can be utilized when your schedule permits as well as opportunities for face to face sharing with colleagues from all stages of their careers (like at our fall meeting). Below are some top tips for providing leadership in your practice that will inspire the best in your team.

  1. Empower your staff. Resist the temptation to micromanage. Give clear and consistent direction and feedback. Celebrate staff achievements publicly, review mistakes and shortcomings privately.
  2. Actively seek input from your staff. Schedule regular meetings where the staff is encouraged to share suggestions and point out areas where your practice could be operating more efficiently.
  3. Manage from the bottom up! The people who have to implement plans to help your practice succeed may have the best ideas about how to do this.
  4. Treat your employees like people, not machines. No one is perfect every day. We all have “off” days and times when problems outside the office affect our performance. Take the time to really get to know your employees and show genuine compassion and concern for them as individuals, not just staff.
  5. Lead by example. Don’t expect your staff to do things you would not be willing to do yourself. Pitch in on miserable jobs as time permits.
  6. Pay attention to communication styles. Understanding how your team members take in information and the feedback method and quantity they prefer will make for better relationships between you and between staff members. It will also help you know who to pair up to best accomplish necessary tasks and keep your office running smoothly.
  7. Create a safe and attractive future. If you want your employees to see their position as more than “just a job” then you, as the head of the office, need to involve them in the future of the practice. Foster an atmosphere that lets people know that their voices are heard, their contributions are valued, and that they matter, and you’ll have a practice that will inspire hard work and loyalty.

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