9 Marketing Possibilities for New Practices

If you’re a new physician starting in your practice, we at the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) know that you’ve had to make many decisions: where to locate your practice, should you rent or own and hiring staff. Now you may be finally ready to open your doors, but how will patients find you? Marketing your practice properly is very important. Below are nine avenues for marketing your practice:
1. Create a website. This is the way many patients will find your practice. It will also form their first impression of your office and practice. Make sure it is professionally designed and user-friendly. It should highlight your specialties, convey your philosophy about podiatric patient care, and clearly show all contact info. Allowing patients to make appointments online is beneficial.
2. Engage in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
3. Place an ad in the Yellow Pages.
4. Make the most of your professional relationships and affiliations. Hospitals where you perform surgery and pharmaceutical vendors and representatives can offer marketing opportunities. 5. Advertise in your local newspapers and other media outlets.
6. Network with other physicians in your community. Introduce yourself as a potential referral physician. Join podiatric professional organizations in your area.
7. Be sure you are listed in professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo.
8. Host an Open House for your practice—send flyers to any place you think potential patients may be.
9. If your practice has a specialty, go where those patients are. Sports medicine? See if you can partner with a sports shoe store for a road race or shoe fitting event. Do you plan to see a large number of geriatric patients? Offer to give a talk at the local senior center on a common foot problem. Techniques for improving your practice are just one of many ways that IPED benefits members. If you have questions about what else we offer, contact our Executive Director, Ruth Ann Donahue, by calling: 978-296-7634.

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