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At the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) practice management is one area we know our members are interested in improving. Sometimes small changes can yield big increases in productivity. For instance, decreasing distraction. Did you know that research shows companies lose 30 or more hours a week to distracting activities that have nothing to do with getting the job done? The snares of the smart phone, social media, and web surfing can lure you (and your team members) away from the tasks at hands. A combination of good work habits and limiting distractions can greatly increase the energy level and accomplishment quotient in your practice. Below are some tips from Felicia Sullivan of The Hartford:
• Switch to airplane mode. Stop smart phone distraction at its source. If nothing is coming in, you won’t be tempted to check.
• Limit background noise. Ambient interruptions and a constant stream of background talk, music, etc. can elevate stress levels which disrupt the part of your brain that’s responsible for planning, reasoning, and remembering things.
• Move it. You will accomplish more if you get up and walk around for five minutes every hour rather than staying tied to your desk for hours on end. Studies have shown that workers who take the five-minute movement break experienced less fatigue and greater satisfaction during the workday.
• Start with the hard stuff. Most of us start a work session by checking and responding to emails, looking over our to-do list and other small tasks. These can unknowingly sap our energy. If you have work that requires intense focus and brainpower, start by working steadily on this task for an hour or two. All the small stuff will still be there when you are done, and you’ll have accomplished something substantial first.
At IPED, our membership consists of experienced practitioners, students and those just starting out in the field. This gives us a comprehensive pool of information to share. Interested in learning more? Contact us by calling: 978-296-7634.

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