Are You Meeting Your Goals?

At the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED), one of our priorities is helping our members have successful and satisfying practices. One way we encourage members to do this is by setting goals. Once you set goals, however, you need to periodically assess whether you are getting closer to achieving them or further away. If you’ve recently paused to evaluate your goals and decided you’re coming up short in meeting them, we have some questions you can ask to help you find out why so you can redirect your efforts.
1. Have you set your sights too high? While it’s okay to dream big, you need to make sure you break down your goals into bit-sized pieces. Trying to change too many aspects of your business or behavior all at once leads to frustration and, potentially, immobilization.
2. Were you specific about the path to your desired goal? Setting a goal of developing a new marketing strategy, for example, is pretty open-ended and can leave you adrift wondering how to start. Instead, aim for something measurable—taking a course on developing a marketing plan or talking to 3 colleagues about how they market their practices.
3. Are you paralyzed by failure? The path to success is littered with hundreds of failures. Instead of deciding your goals are unachievable, analyze why missteps happened and use that information to recalculate your course.
4. Are you holding yourself accountable? Use your calendar to plot out when you’ll take specific steps to meet an important goal. Block time each week to actually do the necessary work to move your goal forward. Set deadlines along the way for achieving each step of your big plan. This will help you be disciplined and stay focused on your goals and the action needed to meet them.
At IPED, we bring our members a wealth of information in a wide variety of ways to suit your schedule and preferred way of receiving information. From blogs and videos to face-to-face meetings with others in the field, we want our members to have the resources they need for fulfilling their professional and personal goals. To learn more, contact us by calling: 978-296-7634.

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