4 Advantages to Joining a Club

If you’re a podiatry student, we at the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) know that your plate is probably pretty full. Between taking classes, outside reading, tracking down the best externships and applying for residencies you may feel that joining a club is a frivolous use of your precious time. Experienced practitioners and those recently starting out in the field, however, have shared that there are several benefits to being part of a club, which can help, in your future career.
1. It’s a Great Way to Network—as part of a club, you’ll be exposed to many different people who have related interests. From professors and guest lecturers to upperclassman and classmates you’ll find that all sorts of help will be at your fingertips. You may find out things like how to best study for boards, get externships or battle for a passing grade in a particular professor’s class for example. Plus, the students you are with now will become colleagues in the future.
2. Discover Your Future Specialty—with clubs catering to all types of podiatric interests, you’ll have an opportunity to explore many subspecialties such as biomechanics, dermatology and limb salvage. You’ll get to hear first-hand and through research about what it’s like to actually be immersed in some of these areas, which may shape the direction, you want to take your practice.
3. Get Outside Yourself—many clubs offer a chance to serve others. When you serve, you’re exercising compassion and empathy—traits very important and often underdeveloped in the medical world. An added benefit? You’ll find yourself feeling less stressed and anxious about your situation as you enter into caring for others.
4. Become a Leader—as you progress in a club, take on an officer role or find ways to help improve the organization. Look for speakers who can really teach what your club is about. Plan workshops and fine-tune administrative tasks to make your club more attractive and efficient. Being able to show that you were action oriented and enthusiastic about bettering your club will be traits that residency directors and future employers are sure to value.
At IPED we offer a wealth of resources to all those in the field of podiatry from students up to veteran podiatrists. To learn more about student membership and the benefits we offer, contact us by calling: (978) 296-7634.

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