8 Tips for Improving Workflow in Your Practice

At the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED), we know that work flow is important to our members. Yes, time is money, but positive workflow is about way more than money. When your office is humming along smoothly and efficiently, patient care is optimal and your staff is happier and more productive. Below are eight ways to ensure better workflow in your office.
1. To start your day on time, arrive early. It can easily take 15-30 minutes to unpack, check emails, get coffee and a handle on the day. When doors open, you’ll be ready.
2. Focus on patient care and delegate administrative tasks. Your patients will get better treatment and you’ll be focused, not distracted.
3. Avoid scheduling gaps by making sure confirming appointments is standard protocol and a specific responsibility of a team member.
4. Treat your staff like colleagues. Show them respect, provide positive feedback and encourage them to offer ideas for improving office efficiency—after all they’re the ones in the trenches with the best overview of workflow in your practice.
5. When delegating tasks or updating protocols, put it in writing. This eliminates having to explain multiple times what you’re asking.
6. Don’t waste time in meetings. Always have an agenda, a goal and a time limit.
7. Use missed appointments wisely. See them as an opportunity to catch up on work or follow up with patients—not free time.
8. Increase staff productivity with scheduled short breaks and rotating schedules. Overworked staff increases the likelihood of sick days and poor morale which leads to workflow breakdown.
At IPED, help with practice management is just one benefit we offer. Our membership consists of podiatric professionals at all career stages from students to veteran physicians. This gives us a wide base of knowledge to share and draw on. Interested in learning more? Contact our Executive Director Ruth Ann Donahue today by calling: 978-296-7634.

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