Smoothing the Path for New Hires

At the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED), we want to help our members maintain efficient and successful podiatric practices. One significant drain on the bottom line is employee turnover. It’s estimated that the cost of replacing an entry-level employee is 30-50 percent of the person’s annual salary! That’s why proper onboarding is so important. Getting a new hire off to a good start and helping them hit the ground running is the first step to a long-lasting employer/employee relationship. Below are some tips for helping a new hire integrate into your practice.
Be Prepared Day One—when your new hire walks into the office, be ready. Make sure their workspace is cleared and neat. Have their email already set up and any paperwork or other details in place so they can get a smooth start.
Share the Employee Handbook—an employee handbook is essential for delineating your practice’s policies. It will answer many of your new hire’s questions.
Meet the Staff—orchestrate all the other members of your team, introducing themselves to the new hire and giving a brief overview of what they do. This helps a new hire feel comfortable and encourages collaboration early on. A lunch or other welcoming activity with a social component can also set a good tone.
Offer Performance Road Maps—give new hires clear guidelines for setting goals and assessing performance. How will progress be tracked? What are the methods and timeframe for reviews?
Be Available—make sure you are accessible to a new hire to answer any questions, especially in the initial weeks. Periodically check in with your new employee and ask how things are going and if there any questions or things he or she needs clarification on with regard to duties or the culture of your practice.
Helping with practice management issues is just one area where IPED provides resources and information for its members. If you want to learn more about the benefits of membership, get in contact with our executive director, Ruth Ann Donahue, by calling: 978-296-7634.

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