Employee Feud

No, it’s not a new game show. In fact, at the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED) we know that if you have two employees who are not getting along, it can quickly become more of a sideshow that can derail productivity in your office as well as lower morale. Through IPED we can draw on a wealth of experience from practitioners in the trenches—both experienced, veterans and those new to the field. Sharing information and resources is a key part of who we are. Below are some suggestions for ending employee feud and getting everyone back on track.
Nip it in the Bud—don’t give a conflict between employees time to “work itself out.” More often than not, without intervention it will escalate. Get to the real issue and help affect a resolution as quickly as possible.
Listen and Encourage—it’s important that both sides feel heard, but it’s even more important that they move on to the next step of resolving the conflict. Act as a mediator and ask both team members to make suggestions for how to fix the situation in a way that will enable both parties to move forward.
Consult the Employee Handbook—what have you included about appropriate employee behavior and expectations for how team members are to treat one another? Be sure your actions are in line with your employee handbook.
Put it in Writing—document all workplace conflicts in writing. Include the facts: who, what, when, where and how and also the way in which the situation was resolved. This protects your practice and also helps you monitor employee actions.
Lead by Example—you set the tone for your practice. Model respect, communication and positive conflict resolution and chances are you’ll get the same in return from all your team members.
Tips on practice management is just one way we help our members. To learn more about membership benefits, contact our Executive Director, Ruth Ann Donahue by calling: 978-296-7634.

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