Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

At the Institute of Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED), we know that if you have your own practice, your main focus is your patients, but you also have to be concerned about growing and managing your business. One place where small business owners typically get bogged down is in the minute details of day to day operations. The way out? Delegate.
Delegating has several benefits. It gives you time and brain space to focus on the big picture for your practice and that’s when “aha” moments and ideas for productive change are most likely to occur. You’ll also be empowering your team to take ownership and have a greater stake in their own positions and the practice as a whole. Below are some practical steps you can take to begin to offload tasks that are holding you back or elevating your stress level.
• Focus on a Single Aspect of Your Practice. Where are you “getting lost in the weeds?” Choose one area and take some time to study it from every angle. Observe what’s going on. Spend time with the members of your team who are currently working on the aspect you’re trying to improve and get their feedback as well.
• Document the task. If there is a specific, repeated operation in your practice that is taking up too much of your time without requiring your medical expertise, codify how to complete it. Write down step-by-step instructions showing workflow, role assignments, due dates and helpful resources. Have an employee try it out and work out any kinks. When perfected, print and/or post the workflow instructions and hand off the job to the person who you’ve targeted as best able to perform this task.
• Get Extra Help if Needed. You may conclude that it’s more than a multitude of time-consuming tasks that are putting the brakes on managing your practice. Home in on where an extra employee or an outside service provider might benefit your workflow.
IPED’s membership is made up of practitioners at every career stage in the podiatric field from student to ready-to-retire veterans. This gives us a unique resource pool where members can help members by sharing their experiences. To learn more about what IPED can do for you and your practice, contact us by calling: 978-296-7634.

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