Say It Like Your Mean It!

There are countless books written and seminars given on the art of presentation to patients and customers.  The common message amongst the different venues is the conviction of the presentation and the application of “strategic words.”  Physicians often have a disconnect as to understanding how the patients perceive our message and evaluate each and every word we say.  With this in mind, it is critical to develop presentation skills with “strategic words” that drives our point home in the patient’s eyes and leads them down the road we wish.

Effective Collection Practices: How to Make Sure You Are Paid for Medical Services in an Immediate, Professional, and Efficient Manner

Doctors’ offices are one of the few and only places left in our instantaneous consumer society where a customer, the patient, can receive services and goods and not pay for them immediately upon receipt.  In a day of mounting debts and rising expenses, the doctor riskily assumes the role of credit grantor, unless the unusual happens and the patient pays for services in full before he or she leaves the office.